Functional can still be beautiful.

We engineer bespoke software with elegance built in.


We deliver innovative bespoke software projects, engineered for transformational results.

Microsoft Platforms

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We code for almost all Microsoft technologies including many of the more specialist frameworks. Desktop, server, kiosk or embedded applications, all in one place or distributed. It's all good.
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Want a shared approach to getting started?
We can help with system planning, design & specification.
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Collaboration or, lead the way?
Work with your team or execute the plan, its your call.
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Modernisation + Integration = Transformation.
Want to leave your competitors for dust? Our specialty.

Mac OS & iOS

We craft beautiful apps for corporate and App Store deployments. Line of business, productivity, digital brochure or gaming, whatever you're looking for, we make it part of the ecosystem.
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All iOS devices.
We build for iPhone, iPad and iPod and whatever comes next.
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Mac OS versions.
We prefer to build for Mac OS X, but are able to time travel.
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Device capabilities included.
Access to the Camera, Contacts, GPS. You name it.
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Android & Chrome OS

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Whereas Apple devices benefit from their exclusive ecosystem, Google favour a more open approach. This makes Android the OS of choice for many interesting and niche applications.
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A voyage of discovery.
Leverage the 'search' that's key to almost all Google do.
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Google Apps integration.
Gmail, Drive or another Google API. We can make it so.
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Don't reinvent the wheel. Blend instead.
Off-the-shelf devices + bespoke software = niche, but low cost.

Cloud Services

The concept behind the term 'cloud' is here to stay and needs to be taken seriously. We can guide you. We know all about cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, and cloud infrastructure such as AWS.
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The brains of the operation.
Improve workflow with your very own cloud central.
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Scale up & scale out, it does compute.
20,000 new customers this morning. No problem.
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Always running out of space?
Leverage off site, redundant and low cost storage.
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We engineer robust business systems to meet challenging requirements in areas such as: customer relationship management, point of sale, enterprise resource planning, learning, telemetry, scheduling, workflow, weights & measures and lots more besides.
We provide best value technology solutions, and we are confident that on a like-for-like basis we will beat any quote, so why not get in touch for a friendly chat. If you are a charity, community group or you reckon you're an all-round good egg (with a noble cause) then ask us about our Community Program.
We take great pride in our work, but it's important we achieve the right results with the right behaviours. Technical expertise and commercial experience are great ingredients, but it's our project, service & quality management capabilities that helps set us apart, and ensures are customers are happy ones.
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